About AKIF

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation (AKIF) was launched on 11th October

2015 in his loving memory by House of Kalam.

The foundation would work to fulfill the dreams and progress the ideas of Dr. APJ

Abdul Kalam.

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The foundation would work on the following areas.

1. Education

2. Rural Development

3. Healthcare

4. Sustainable Environment

In the first year AKIF would consider programs from the above mentioned areas

such as

1. Promoting Science among school children

2. Making health facilities available at villages

3. Promoting sustainable environment like planting more trees and clean water


4. On 27th July every year we would organise Dr. Kalam Memorial lecture by eminent


There are many eminent people across the globe who were inspired by Dr. Kalam

but only few got to work with him closely. Those who worked with Dr. Kalam shared

a unique knowledge bond which AKIF would honour and appreciate in this journey.

We will explore partnership with Central Government, State Government, Like

minded NGOs and corporates and donors.